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Cafe Plenty

Address: 3-4 Circus Parade, Preston Circus, Brighton, BN1 4GW
Opening: Mon to Sat 8 – 6. Sun 10- 5
Phone: 01273 387649
Facebook: CafePlentyBrighton
Instagram: CafePlentyBrighton

For the past few months I have seen the area at Circus Parade (near where Rayment Cycles is) turn from a run down place you wouldn’t want to hang around in, to a newly developed building with new shops underneath. As well as a new gym called Fitness Hub (which I will review in the coming weeks), there is a new coffee shop in town!

cafe plenty interior

I’ve kept an eye on Cafe Plenty for the past few weeks as it slowly took shape and opened just a few days ago. It has a feel which is pretty unique with bare walls back to the brick, tables which have a rustic / scaffolding style design. The cafe is pretty large, airy and bright. There’s a couple of sofas if you are going to relax for a while and read a newspaper whilst listening to the chilled out music.

cafe plenty my sandwich

They do a good selection of food (I had the egg salad baguette), which was really lovely with a gorgeous side salad and dressing. It wasn’t just a boring egg mayonnaise that you get in some places, but freshly sliced eggs in a mayonnaise that had been seasoned to perfection with some herbs mixed in. Be warned though it is a decent size and even I took a while to eat it all! In the next week or so the full kitchen will be up and running, so look forward to some really good food.

The place is really clean, the food area is clean and the toilets are spotless. They definitely won’t have problems with the council when they get reviewed for their “scores on the doors”.

Cafe Plenty is owned by Dan and Mitch. I spoke for quite a while to Dan who is a really nice guy, is the perfect host and wants Cafe Plenty not just be a cafe, but be a hub for the community, used by artists to show their work, musicians to play acoustic sets, parties, pop up restaurants and much more. Mitch has a background as a pastry chef, so look forward to their micro bakery (where they will make their own breads and cakes). One thing I really loved was how they support the Blue Light services with free tea and coffee. Nice one chaps!

Their coffee is a special blend supplied by Coffee at 33, they have 25 different teas from Chi at the Open Market. I really love how their produce, fruit, meat is all sourced from local suppliers to help put money back int the local businesses.

Go check them out now and support your new cafe in town!

Have a look around the cafe! Use your mouse to rotate the 360 degree viewer below.

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