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i360 Good, Bad or Yer Whatever?

The British Airways i360 is due to open this summer after costing £46.2m. Reporting of the i360 has been mixed over the years, so what do people think now? Listen to my interview with a number of people in Brighton to hear their opinions.

A busy Saturday

Saturday is my day off and family day! But the travelers ruined our plans this morning as we intended to take our son to the King Alfred to go swimming. However on getting to the car park, it was half full with caravans and no where to park.

I love Brighton

I love Brighton, the really good businesses and the people. I’m Antony and find out more.

Why I Started this Blog

A couple of years ago my girlfriend and I discovered a really good restaurant in Hove called The Arrogant Frog, which was run by a Frenchman called Rosario and was a ‘character’. This enthusiasm of this man was amazing and food out of the kitchen was of very high standard. Unfortunately timing was bad and Rosario moved the restaurant to a larger location near the Palace Pier and the recession hit, business was slow and the restaurant spiraled downwards and has now closed down.