So many people I speak to in Brighton and Hove are fed up with the parking fees in Brighton and Hove. To park on the seafront along to Hove is now a staggering £3.20 an hour, how can the council justify this? Go to the bottom of this post for the latest updates and recommendations. Prices correct at time of publishing but can change!


I feel so sorry for the traders on the seafront who have had a shocking couple of months with the weather and now the parking charges! As well as this, parking on the seafront used to be free after 6pm, but now this has been changed to 8pm!

What I don’t understand is on the seafront you pay £3.50 for one hour. But as soon as you get away from the seafront its £1 for an hour and if you park in Norton Road car park opposite the council offices (a coincidence I’m sure) you can park for 12 hours for £5!

The London Road car park used to be good value but I’m sure the price has now gone up.
What I want to do is update this blog with the cheaper places in Brighton and Hove to park, so if you know of any “bargain” parking areas then please let me know at

Good Value parking in Brighton and Hove.
Norton Road, Hove, BN3 3BE
1 hour £1.00
2 hours £1.50
4 hours £2.50
5 hours £3.50
9 hours £4.50
12 hours £5.00

King Alfred, Hove Street South, Hove BN3 2WW
1 Hour £1.50
2 hours £2.00
3 hours £2.50
4 hours £3.00


Went to the Brighton station car park today which is pretty good. (accurate as of 18/5/13)
up to 2 hours £2.50
Up to 4 hours £5
Up to 6 hours £7.50
Over 6 hours £13.10

Sunday over 24 hours £6.50
Up to 2 hours for £4.00, yet out on the road the parking meter is £2 for 2 hours!


Went up to the Devils Dyke the other day for a walk and you can park all day there for just £2. On top of this the money goes to The National Trust for upkeep of the Devils Dyke. If I need to pay for parking then this in my eyes is acceptable!


I was at the Southwick Beach car park today (the car park to the West of Brighton where Carats Café is). So if you are a fisherman or into your sea sports in Brighton then this is a good option for you.
25p up to 30 minute
50p up to 1 hour
£1 for 1 – 2 hours
£1.50 for 2 – 3 hours
£2 for 3 – 4 hours
£3 All Day


Went for a bit of a walk today in Preston park and also the rockery (just over the road from it). If you park on the western side of the park (called The Ride) then parking there is very reasonable. However if you can find a space on Preston Drove then its even more reasonable (its FREE!!!). However if you do pay on The Ride road then apparently the money goes towards the upkeep of the park.
Preston Park is approximately 45 minutes walk to the seafront, 20 ish minutes to the South Lanes.


We took our 3 week old baby for a walk along the seafront last weekend. I wasn’t prepared to pay for parking along the Brighton seafront, so drove a little further west along to the Hove area. If you park along here to Hove Lagoon then the seafront is £1 for an hour, £2 for 2 hours up to 11 hours for £5 (see photo below). However if you turn off the seafront to roads such as Roman Road, Saxon Road etc they are all free and not parking restrictions.
If you are in the Queens Park area then next to Queens Park itself on West Drive is very reasonably priced.

Up to 1 hour £1
Up to 2 hour £2 Up to 4 hours £3

Morley street is the cheapest meter parking around the Level area of Brighton that I know of, however its a maximum of two hours.

1 hour £1
2 hours £2

I have found another car park which is just £1 an hour which is behind the London Road. Its called Vantage Point and is located on the junction of New England Street and Elder Place. The car park has two entrances to two small car parks (one entrance is on New England Street right on the junction with Elder Place and the other entrance is on Elder Place just down the hill on the left). Please note that the car parks are not connected, so you need to drive out of one and into the other when looking for a space. It is not a big car park, so no guarantee you will get a place.
vantage car park






March 2016

Brighton Marina has free parking in the multi storey or you can stay up to 3 hours in the Asda car park. So why not park for free, walk along the underpass and get the Volks Railway (the worlds oldest electric railway) to the Brighton pier for £1.70 children, £2.80 per adult or £7.10 for a family ticket.


Author: Antony Wilson