Fitnesshub is brilliant gym started by two guys called Alex and Adam. I knew Alex from a previous gym and they have created a brilliant gym at Preston Circus (next door to Cafe Plenty that I reviewed earlier). There are a number of gyms in Brighton who get you to signup and rely in you not going but still take your money! I’m sure a lot of us have experienced that, have you?

Well Fitnesshub is not a gym where millions of people go with posers taking over the piece of equipment, its a gym where people go who decide they want to change their lifestyle and want results. I’ve never seen a gym which is so friendly, helpful and where you are a name who is cared about, not just a number.

They also have the park site where personal training and classes is also available.

I’m going to be finding out a lot more about this gym in the coming weeks and doing some interviews with Alex whilst he puts me through my paces! So watch out for this!

I did however spend some time there getting some 360 photos and creating a tour of their gym for people to look at (see below).

Address: Units 5-6, Circus Parade, New England Road, Brighton, BN1 4GW
Phone: 07927 619577
Facebook: Fitnesshub
Twitter: FitnesshubPT

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