flour pot

Flour Pot Bakery

Nestled in the North Laines on Sydney Street is the Flour Pot Bakery cafe. They have a bakery in Shoreham that supplies lots of cafes in the area already, so having their own cafes is a good move.

I’ve only been there a couple of times so far and haven’t tried out the sandwiches yet, but the bread on display looks amazing and I will be having lunch there real soon! What I can tell you is that the pastries are to die for. I’m no chef, but the ingredients are top quality, I could taste the freshness and can imagine the love that was put into making the product. When sitting there today with a coffee and a pastry my taste buds were shouting “wooow hang on, this isn’t what we are expecting”. It was like I was sitting in France on a summers day, overlooking the Eiffel Tower whilst drinking coffee and eating a delicious pastry.  But hang on it’s Brighton on a Friday morning and It’s raining outside!

So how have they managed to produce top quality produce like this? Well I did some investigating and discovered their head baker is Vincent Talleu who is French, has learnt his trade at a number of locations including France. If you look at his YouTube channel will see the love he has for his trade, how he makes it all look so easy and how hard his team work! So its only right that if we buy their products we should savour them, don’t rush them. Take your time and have a thought for everything Vincent and his team did in the early hours of the morning whilst we were tucked up in bed!

The cafe had an extension built last October so now has a lot more room for people as well as the coolest (probably the wrong word!!) radiator I’ve ever seen.

Keep up the good work guys, we need more independent businesses like you showing how good Brighton and Hove is!

Address: 40 Sydney Street, Brighton, Sussex, BN1 4EP
Phone: 01273 621942
email: shop@theflowerpot.co.uk
Website: www.theflourpot.co.uk
Facebook: The-Flour-Pot-Bakery
Twitter: @FlourPot_Bakery

Also at:

Elm Grove, Brighton, BN2 3DB
Phone: 01273 625 854
email: elmgrove@theflourpot.co.uk

And I see they have now have one at Fiveways, so can’t wait to visit that one.
Address: 138 Preston Drove, Brighton, BN1 6FJ