Foodilic Western Road

Foodilic Western Road was opened in May 2013 and is the second shop in the Brighton and Hove area. Located on Western Road near Poundland and Primark this smart looking restaurant and buzzing with customers. The staff are very welcoming and tables are cleared immediately, so its nice to arrive at a nice clean table! The restaurant is fitted out with modern natural wood tables and stools around the edge. A word of warning though the stools are rather tall and not particularly stable and I saw one youngish child topple over with stool going flying!
Food is ordered at the counter where there are plenty of staff to keep the queue to a minimum and the food is dished up quickly. Their menu is extremely good and caters really well for everyone. Speaking to my wife we thought that the feel you get, service and food is similar to Iydea but with some meat thrown in if you want it!

936547_454244761346963_43054969_nWe had the honey lemon glazed chicken and also the brochette (pork) a beetroot, sweet potatoes and fennel and orange. The food was really nice, filling and worth the £7ish we paid each. I particularly liked the salads that were really fresh and made the taste-buds tingle! The pork brochette was very nice, however I was a little jealous of my wife who had the chicken which was really big and juicy (yes I did steal a bit from her plate!!)

Overall I rate this restaurant (as well as the North Street branch) and would recommend you paying them a visit!

Address: 163 Western Road, Brighton, BN1 2BB
Opening Times: 7AM – 11PM every week
Phone: 01273 760 190
Facebook: foodilic