I love Brighton

As well as getting more reviews up on the website, writing various guides about Brighton, doing my other days job, Im going to also put my thoughts, discoveries and stuff about Brighton on the Blog.

I am a Brightonian, I have lived here all my life (apart from when I lived in South Africa for about three years) and I love Brighton. Would I want to live anywhere else apart from Brighton? No not really, I love it here and I can understand why so many people around the country and world also decide to settle here. The diversity of Brighton really makes Brighton the place it is. You can walk around the city and one minute playing with your child, to drinking decent coffee in an independent coffee shop to chatting to really interesting people on a market stall. Well that was my morning anyway.

Being a Father
The past year or so has been a busy one. Since having our first child life has changed and I would definitely say for the better. Hopefully before having our son I never said “I won’t change”. Well I have. I was never irresponsible but Im definitely a father now and now barely drink and could almost be called “Tea Total”! My wife and son if my priority and time with them is very important.
I consider myself to be very lucky as I get to look after him for one and a half days a week whilst my wife is at work and the other day he goes to Footsteps nursery in Hollingbury who I would definitely recommend and is on my list to write a review for very soon.
It’s not until you look after a child on your own with time pressures of being somewhere for a certain time that you realise quite how difficult it is and what an amazing job your wife has done for the past year!
So every Thursday the two of us head out at 9am walk to the brilliant Tots and Toddlers at St Peters church on the Level where we get to play with lots of children, get a snack, sing songs and I get to chat to other adults and have a coffee. And whats more EVERYTHING is free. What an amazing service to the community St Peters church does!
The other thing I like about St Peters church is that people are happy to chat and there are even other fathers there to also chat to.

So if you are a father reading this blog and you know of “Father Friendly” places to go in Brighton and Hove then let me know. Or if you want to meet up for a coffee then email me.

Brighton Open Market
Part of my Thursday routine with our baby is to go into the Open Market and buy fruit from ‘The Fruit Shop’. This shop has some really good deals such as ten bananas for £1, a bowl of avocados £1, etc.
There are also lots of market stalls in the centre of the market with some really good small businesses and people who make stuff!