Real Patisserie

Whenever I want some really nice bread or want to spoil myself with a fancy cake then I head straight for the Real Patisserie. So many times you go to a supposed French shop to find it’s manned by someone who is definitely not French, however here the staff are genuinely French!

The Real Patisserie has two shops, one on the Western Road near Hove and one on Trafalgar Street. I love their shops as the smell of the fresh bread makes you hungry as you walk in and the sight of all the lovely cakes makes your mouth water.  The bread is more expensive than a supermarket, but the quality is in a different class, so well worth that little bit more. They also sell lunch items such as gorgeous filled rolls, various lovely quiches and even fresh coffee.

One word of warning though, if you go there at the weekend, make sure you get there early as they are often sold out of bread by lunchtime .

They also make cakes for special occasions, so if your birthday is coming up then why not hint to your loved one about the Real Patisserie?


43 Trafalgar Street
Tel: 01273 570 719

25 Western Road
Tel: 01273 711 110

34 St. George’s Road,
Kemp Town,
East Sussex,
Phone: 01273 609 655