The lads mile barbers

The Lads Mile Barbers

I’ve lived in the Patcham area for many years and had never been to the Lads Mile Barbers. What a hidden gem this place is!
I thought I would take my 17 month old son there so we could both get a haircut. Its nice and easy to get to, plus the bonus of free parking for an hour. Even at 9am when they first opened there were customers, so obviously they have a good reputation!
The shop is clean, looks nice and has three barbers working there. They even sell clothing t-shirts etc from a local designer and out the back is a tattoo studio. I’ve never had a tattoo and don’t think my pain threshold could handle one, so I can’t tell you anymore about that side of things!

lads mile barbers child

My son had one haircut before from a different barbers shop, but this time he wasn’t “playing ball”, was not in the mood for a haircut, but the barber was very patient with him and did what he could! I think I will have to take him every Thursday for a few weeks to get it completed!!!

Joe cut my hair and he was really really good. He was knowledgeable, made suggestions and I even had a slightly different style from my 20 years of boring “tidy it up mate” comment when sitting in the chair. I’m not saying I now look trendy and cool, but that’s not Joe’s fault, there’s just not much you can do with a 43 year old bloke like me!

Chatting to Joe it seems they do a lot of work in the community with homeless people, do pop up barbers in a pub in Brighton and I’m sure a lot more that I don’t know about.

So if you live in the Brighton, want a cool barbers that is easy to get to with free parking, good staff and a small business that deserves your business then this is the place to head (excuse the pun). You never know, you might even leave with a tattoo! 😉

Address: 43 Ladies Mile Road, Brighton, Sussex
Opening Times: 9am to 6pm Mon-Fri, 8.30am to 3pm Saturday, Closed Sunday
Phone: 01273 509243