The Specky Wren

glassesI noticed the other week that when looking down to read, my eyes would take a second or two to focus. Ahh I thought, is this the slippery slope of getting older, as I’ve never had glasses before! It had been a couple of years since since my last eyesight test, so thought I would try a new opticians. I often walk through the Open Market in Brighton and previously noticed The Specky Wren optician which didn’t look like your normal stuffy looking opticians, but instead vibrant, busy and cool! I had a quick look at their website and Facebook, saw nothing but great reviews and a feeling that they could be trusted with my eyes!

The staff at The Specky Wren are very friendly and professional and my optician was Marco who is really good. His consultation was very thorough and answered all my questions in a non technical way, so I could understand how my eyes have changed over the past couple of years. Ahhh I need reading glasses (I’m due to collect them over the next couple of days, so I’m sitting here on the computer feeling like I’m getting a bit of eye strain, so obviously need them!)

consultation room

Choosing glasses at The Specky Wren is really easy, they have various racks with the different price ranges from about £60 up to some really cool expensive ones. Their glasses include the lenses, so apart from deciding if you need anything extra, such as anti-glare, scratch protection, etc, you know there are no hidden costs. As I was only using them for reading (mainly computer work), I just went for the basic range, which were still really good (photo to come) and had the anti-glare lenses as using with the computer. The staff in the shop gave me some really good advice about choosing the glasses on what suited and what didn’t. I’m due to get my glasses later this week, so look forward to seeing the difference (excuse the pun!)

Good work Specky Wren!

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Address: 1-2 Marshalls Row, Brighton. BN1 4JU
Opening Times: 9.30 till 5.30 Monday to Saturday – closed Sundays
Phone: 01273 911191
Facebook: TheSpeckyWren
Twitter: TheSpeckyWren

Have a look around the shop! Use your mouse to rotate the 360 degree viewer below.

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