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Tomato Dolce and Salato

Tomato Dolce & Salato is the cafe which was taken over from Velo Cafe. It is soooo much better now and somewhere you can often find me working away on the website as well as visiting with my children. There are lots of cafes and Italian Restaurants in Brighton, but so many of them sell what I would class as fake Italian food. Tomato Dolce and Salato is run by “real Italians”, with authentic Italian coffee, Italian food and now proper (and I mean proper) Italian pizzas.

Previously when it was Velo (and I think someone else ran it after them) the food went from OK to awful. Not a decent sandwich in sight, slices of pizza that had been there a while. Lets face it, you are in the middle of busy park (unless its raining hard) there is no excuse for a cafe in this location being quiet. However Velo managed to achieve this, so thank goodness someone else has taken it over!

tomato counterNot only has this Italian family taken over they have injected passion and authenticity. Everyone is very friendly, the owners (Giuseppe and Giulian) are always smiling, welcoming and always say hi when they walk past me in the street. Their staff are always helpful and provide an excellent service. The manager there is Andrea is really good, happy and provides a very good service. Sometimes they appear to be under pressure because they are so busy but this is a good sign, as the people of Brighton are speaking presence!
They recently replaced all of their tables and chairs and I was slightly concerned as there were a lot more tables in here (now sits about 60+ people) and looked a bit more cramped, especially as they now have the pizza oven. I’m sure once the nicer weather arrives there will be more tables outside and more room inside. For parents of young children there are plenty of high chairs!

In the last couple of weeks they have had proper wood burning pizza oven installed within the main seating area, with a counter to stop people getting too close! I understand they are going to be also installing a bar area around it so people can sit, watch and eat! The Italan chef is really good and makes proper authentic pizza. No crispy bases, but proper pizzas with just a few simple toppings. Because its a wood oven it’s hot…. REALLY hot! So just like you get in Italy the pizza is cooked in about one minute. This means the pizza base is light, fluffy and finished off with a drizzle of olive oil. Mmmmm I’m writing this review in their cafe and watching the food. The down side is I’m now desperate for a pizza!

If you haven’t been or went when it was the previous owners then give them another go, you won’t be disappointed!

Address: The Level, Rose Walk, Brighton BN1 4ZN
Opening Times: Mon to Fri 8.30am – 6pm Sat & Sun 8am – 6.30pm
Phone: 01273 270707
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Twitter: TomatoBrighton