tots and toddlers

Tots and Toddlers at St Peters Church

Tots and Toddlers is free group for babies, toddlers and pre-school children at St Peters Church on every Thursday from 0930 – 1100 (check their website as it does have a few breaks during the year, but I’m not sure when).

I went with my family for the first time last week and I was stunned by how popular it was. We got there about ten minutes after it started to find a queue of about thirty children and parents. I don’t know how many children were there but I would estimate about 100+! However don’t let that put you off as the church is massive and the staff and volunteers organise things so well.

Once you have checked in, you walk through into the main hall where there is an area for young babies with lots of suitable toys, a separate area for toddlers, tables with children drawing etc and an another area with toy cars that children can sit in and push themselves around. There is a cafe area where you can get free tea and coffee.

After the children have been playing for a while the staff announce its time for snacks and all the children can go over to the eating area, where there are lots of little tables and chairs for various snacks and cakes for the parents! Whilst they are eating, all the volunteers put the toys away and then all the children get together for singing various songs led by an enthusiastic volunteer who can sing much better than me!

One thing I particularly like about this group was the mix of parents. It’s a group which has mothers with children but also lots of dads with children. I will be definitely going to this group regularly as Thursday is my day to look after our son.

So to conclude…. GO! It’s free, it’s brilliant and you will meet lots of nice people. If you do go then please email me and we can meet and say hi.

Address: York Place, Brighton BN1 4GU
Times: Thursdays 0930 – 1100
Tel: 01273 698182
Facebook: St-Peters-Tots-Toddlers